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Expanding Greenery


Years Conditions
0 to 22 Years It's your responsibility to take care of this harsh environment and take useful measures for giving a good environment for ur future generations to live on.
23 to 64 Years The environment you are living is about an average place which can sustain life only for a short time period therefore take enough care on your surroundings so that your future generations can live a healthy life.
65 to 80 Years The environment you are living in is a lovely place for life to be peaceful and smooth but don't take this as an advantage and allow pollution to occur in your region.
80+ Years This place is just a Heaven for all life forms to live at and you have a huge responsibility of being a green warrior and protect this heaven so that the next few generations 9f yours will remember you forever.

About ViridescentX

      Our mother earth is being polluted over the years due to demolishment of natural resources. As per a study by Pure Earth a nonprofit environmental organization, about 200 million people get affected due to air pollution leading to chronic diseases. So our team has decided to come up with a proposal by creating a Project by which it can access the data of pollution by the help of satellites and also it suggests us to take measures to create and promote awareness about the ill effects of deforestation and climate change and to focus on the limelight to give importance of having a sustained life for future generations and to go green over the polluted area. As we all know, where there is greenery there will be surely lesser to no pollution. Our application will be revolutionary as we can help our own mother earth to recover by means of our Project and sustain life for our future generations, better than never before.